Why are you in the audience, when you know
more than the guy giving the talk?

Would you like to be recognized, and paid handsomely,
as a speaker people are clamoring to hear?

Dear Friend,

If you've been in the working world for any length of time, you've sat in the audience at a conference, listening to some high-priced speaker, thinking, "I know more about this subject than that guy. That should be me up there."

You've seen him get the applause ... the prestige ... the money ... the follow-on business — and asked yourself, "Why him? Why not me?" Why was he invited to speak, and not you?

Because he knows some things about the business and marketing of speaking that you don't.

We realize you may not be the kind of person to which this page applies. In fact, we've found that fewer than one person in 20 has the vision to picture themselves as a successful speaker, and the courage to take action.

But if you're in that small minority, then pay close attention. If you want to be the person invited and paid to speak at a meeting, there are some steps you will have to master....

Obviously, if you don't have some expertise that others would like to know, then stop reading and go get some. Nobody wants to hear a speaker who has nothing useful to say or is just giving a book report.

And if the idea of standing in front of 20 or 500 people and speaking to them gives you the creeps, then again, stop reading right here. Join Toastmasters. They are a terrific organization that can help you build confidence as a speaker. And then come back and read the rest of this page.

Unfortunately, these first two steps are not enough!

Knowing what you're talking about, and knowing how to give a good presentation, just get you to the starting line. You won't really get to play until you know how to position and market yourself as an expert.

And that's what stops most people. Perhaps they have some expertise, but they're not willing to put in time and practice to become a better speaker. Or maybe they're great on the platform, but they don't know how to turn that expertise into a residual income stream. Either one is a tragic waste.

This is where we can help....

If you're one of the elite few who are interested in building a speaking business that today can add both income and fun to your current career, and tomorrow could even lead to a whole new career — then we can help you learn what you need to know and take years off your learning curve.

Successful speakers live lifestyles of the rich and famous. They are flown First Class to exotic locations, stay in suites in 5-star resorts, wined and dined by executives, then paid handsomely for their hour talk. They autograph their books to the throngs afterward, adding more money to their pocket.

The most sought sought-after are booked a year or more in advance. They can take or turn down engagements as they see fit. Many take months off each year to relax and be with their family. Some only speak 3–6 times a month. Some bring their families along to the best locations and spend a week relaxing at the venue.

Is This for You?

Becoming a successful professional speaker will take some effort on your part, of course. If this is something you might be interested in, click on the link below to enroll in our free course on Building a Profitable Speaking Business. It will give some insights into getting started as a paid speaker.

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Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly
Publishers, SpeakerNet News
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